Epic Games Store App Coming To Both Android & iOS

Epic Games Store has made a huge splash into the marketplace when it launched. Essentially, this is the biggest competitor Valve has had since they released the popular Steam digital marketplace for the PC platform. Overall, the means to battle against Steam has been through exclusivity deals and free video game titles on a weekly matter. Now it looks like Epic Games is going to bring over a companion application for mobile devices.

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has stated that the company is working on an Epic Games Store application for both Android and later on for iOS. However, we don’t know just what this application will entail when it launches into the marketplaces. We’re fairly confident that this would be a companion application for the PC digital marketplace. 

Similar to the Steam application, you’ll be able to gain certain features to your account. Likewise, you should probably expect the ability to purchase certain games and perhaps have them start downloading on your PC. The biggest use we imagine this would be enticing for some users is just to have a quick means to claim those free video game titles that are offered on a weekly basis. As mentioned, these free games are a way to bring users to the Epic Games Store and they tend to offer a wide range of different games. You could find a smaller indie game one week and something as big as Grand Theft Auto V the following week. 

For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what this application will provide users that download it on their smartphones and tablets. At any rate, for the latest news on Epic Games Store free video game titles, we recommend checking in our video game deals guide page right here.

Source: GameSpot