New Report Claims PlayStation 5 Conference Will Occur Next Week

Going into 2020 we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had big plans for their next-generation video game console platform. The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are both slated to come out into the market by this holiday season. Of course, due to the current health pandemic, most events and expos have closed this year in hopes of containing the virus. This also resulted in a variety of changed plans in terms of marketing and even showcasing some of the content for the next-generation platforms.

Despite this health pandemic, both Microsoft and Sony are claiming that their next-generation platforms will still arrive on time this holiday season. In fact, most video games that are already slated to release in the near future are likely not going to be heavily impacted. This shred of news came from Xbox head, Phil Spencer, who stated that the titles in development that are still relying on outside collaborations such as motion capture will be the games to receive the biggest impact right now. However, there are still plenty of fans waiting to see both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

While Microsoft has had some online events detailing the Xbox Series X, Sony has mainly kept quiet. While we’re waiting for the big reveal event to showcase the console and what features it may bring to the table, a new report has come out that suggests the reveal is sooner than you may think. Thanks to Bloomberg, who has sources with direct knowledge on the matter, it looks like Sony may have a reveal event planned on June 3, 2020. That’s of course coming from Bloomberg sources and not an official statement from the Sony company.

In fact, the sources also claimed that there is a flux going on right now and the date could change. Either way, there is still some time to really market the new console platform and what will make it stand out not only from the current-generation PlayStation 4 lineup but the competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Features will likely play a big role in determining who comes out on top right now and we’ve even seen statements from PlatinumGames who feel that the console reveal information so far has been lacking. Perhaps Sony can turn things around with their initial PlayStation 5 focused unveiling.

Source: Bloomberg