Predator: Hunting Grounds Dutch 2025 DLC Pack Out Today, Watch New Teaser Trailer Here

Predator: Hunting Ground’s first piece of DLC content has been released and to celebrate the occasion, a new trailer teasing the return of Dutch has been released.

Check it out down below:

Dutch is back and is looking better than ever. The new trailer teases a new and revamped Dutch, which is motivated more than ever to finish what he started and kill the Predator. The new DLC content has gone live in the form of Patch 1.08, which brings Dutch and early access to new unlockable weapons. However, the new update also makes adjustments to the Predator and fireteam classes alongside more weapon balancing.

This new character acts as the game’s first paid DLC and offers Dutch and two new unlockable weapons which are the QR5 and his deadly knife. The first paid DLC will cost $6.99 and you can purchase it right here at the official PS Store.

To view the full patch notes for update 1.08, you can do so right here on Predator: Hunting Grounds official forums.

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Source: PlayStation Youtube