Quantic Dream’s Latest Releases Are Coming To Steam

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream is a big development studio though for years they were known for developing Sony PlayStation games. This studio was mainly crafting big narrative-driven video game titles and they have remained popular over the years. In fact, the three latest releases, two of which launched on the PlayStation 3, are finally coming to Steam and they are bound to get plenty of new players. If you were not familiar with the development studio, then chances are you know of their video games.

The three titles we’re referring to is Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and lastly, Detroit: Become Human. These three were popular hits back when they initially released. However, after Quantic Dream received some investment funding, the studio was able to part ways from producing purely PlayStation content. This also came with the release of the three games on the Epic Games Store.

While some PC players are already enjoying the games on EGS, we can now prepare for the titles to launch on Steam. Recently, the store pages appeared for the three games received their official Steam store pages though the dates have not been established quite yet. Instead, we are only told that they are coming soon. Being the latest three games from the studio and each a hit for those that enjoy a narrative-driven storyline, we’re bound to see plenty of newcomers along with some veterans picking this game up.

We do know that the studio recently held a livestream where they announced that several projects in the works and we should see them soon. Perhaps these projects in the works are the Steam releases for the three titles. Of course, for now, we’ll simply have to wait and see just when these games hit Steam and what other projects the company is working on. After all, this funding has allowed Quantic Dream to start publishing games as well.

Source: PC Gamer