Silent Hills Reportedly Had Some Unusual Scares

Easily one of the more rumored and reported on IPs that have been dormant is Silent Hill. The video game franchise has a massive following and while Konami has had their decline in video game releases lately, there are fans that are holding onto hope for this series. We’ve seen some truly remarkable video game releases under Konami for Silent Hill and while the series is dormant, it was not too long ago that fans were getting ready to tune in for the latest announcements for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project.

That project is long dead now but before Kojima opened up his own studio, the famed developer was known for his time with Konami. Known best for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, fans quickly boarded the hype train when it was unveiled that the developer was going to oversee the next Silent Hill project. We didn’t get much of anything regarding this Silent Hills IP and it’s gained quite a bit of mystery. Hideo Kojima released a demo, which has since been pulled from the PlayStation Store, along with a few teasers, before the game was cancelled.

The little bit of information known is still circulated online and discussed with fans, hoping to peel back anything they can on what Silent Hills might have been. While we’ve seen plenty of reports that there wasn’t much to the game simply because of how little the team got to play around with the IP, a new shred of information has come out.

According to an industry reporter, Alanah Pearce, a source attached to the development has claimed Hideo Kojima had some big horror plans. Apparently, there was going to be a feature in which the game would take control of the PlayStation 4 and provide some errors or arrangements to make it seemed possessed. There were also claims that this game would have taken information from other game saves on your hard drive and could even attach itself to various smart devices in your home or perhaps text message your phone.

With that said, Alanah Pearce is not fully confident in her source so this could just be false information being spread online. It wouldn’t be too surprising as again any and all information regarding Silent Hill is usually picked up. After all, we recently reported on the latest rumors suggesting Sony is creating a soft reboot to the franchise with a few key members from Team Silent, the original team behind the franchise. 

Source: Alanah Pearce