Epic Games Store Offers Grand Theft Auto V For Free

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is massively popular and fans who would want to enjoy the games usually pick them up at launch. Still if you been missing out on the series and didn’t grab the latest installment, Grand Theft Auto V, then you can do so right now for free on the Epic Games Store. This installment will be free for a week and all you have to do is claim a copy to keep forever.

The Epic Games Store is a digital marketplace for PC titles. While initially being a digital marketplace client that gamers started to really despise due to the fact that there were so many exclusive deals taking games away from being available on Steam for at least a duration of time, there has been an incentive to use this client. One of the means to get players interested in the digital marketplace was the fact that each week there would be a free video game or two that players could claim and keep forever. All that was required is to download the client, create a free account and simply claim the free video game titles as they are announced.

There is usually a pretty diverse selection of video games offered such as small indie hits to AAA video game releases. In fact, this latest title may be the biggest yet as the servers are having a hard time keeping the client up and working properly due to the influx of players jumping online to claim a copy for the gaming PC. Thankfully, the game is available to be claimed for a week before the title is no longer free for players to grab.

With so much hype building up from Grand Theft Auto V being available for free, we’re interested in seeing what game will follow. Normally the digital marketplace showcase the video game offer for the coming week but this latest installment along with next week’s release has been kept a mystery.

Source: Epic Games Store