DIRT 5 Receives New Development Director’s Commentary [Video]

DIRT 5 has been confirmed to be in development and to go alongside that news, a new developer’s commentary for the game has been released.

Development Director of DIRT 5, Robert Karp goes behind the scenes and gives an insight into what the vision is in creating this game. In addition, a surprise cameo from Nolan North pops in to confirm he is indeed in the game and will be the leading voice actor. In addition, the commentary reveals how this entry, DIRT 5 will be different from the other games in this series in terms of location and style.

The Dirt franchise is a long-running series ranging back from the early-mid-2000s, being well-received for its off-road racing mechanics. The new entry in this series, Dirt 5 is bigger and bolder than other of the previous entries, as it sets to make its launch on the Xbox Series X this holiday.

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