SuckerPunch Reveals Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Dynamic Themes

Developer Sucker Punch Studios have taken to Twitter to showcase the awesome dynamic PS4 themes for their upcoming game, Ghost of Tsushima.

When picking up a special edition of a game, or when pre-ordering a game, developers usually offer players with some free goodies. One of the most common freebies is a dynamic theme for PlayStation users. If you’re like myself, then you like changing your theme every now and then; and with Sucker Punch’s upcoming game on the horizon, plenty of fans are wondering what the dynamic theme is going to look like.

Well, the wait is over as Sucker Punch has revealed the dynamic theme for users who both pre-order the game, and those who are planning on picking up a special edition of the game. Both themes are pretty awesome, and like I mentioned before, if you’re a fan of dynamic themes, you’re going to want to check these out!

Check out the PS4 dynamic theme for Ghost of Tsushima down below”

In related news, Sucker Punch’s announced on the PS Blog that ,Ghost of Tsushima has been officially delayed.

Originally slated to release this June, the developers and Sony have decided to delay the project ever so slightly. Ghost of Tshuhima is now expected to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 come July 17. Learn more about the Ghost of Tsuhima delay right here!

Do you like the dynamic PS4 theme for Ghost of Tsuhima? Planning on pre-ordering any special editions? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Twitter