Octopath Traveler Gets A Surprise Launch On Google Stadia 

Octopath Traveler is an RPG title by developers Square Enix and Acquire. The video game is a 2D 16-bit style RPG where players will control a part of eight different characters, all of which will have a role to play and reason for their journey. This title will retain the classic turn-based battle system with an added ability of a boost system. The boost system will allow players to attack an enemy multiple times during a turn if enough Boost Points are acquired.

It’s a classic style JRPG that became a massive hit. In fact, it was such a massive success that it took Square Enix by surprise with how many units were quickly purchased leaving the print run sold out in markets. Fans had to resort towards digital downloads, but being a classic JRPG and a new IP, it’s not that surprising for a smaller print run to be ordered. Now that the fans have taken to the game in such a positive manner, we won’t be surprised if more games and installments are released for the IP. 

This game is still seeing new launches into the market. While initially, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, the game has since launched on the PC platform and a Google Stadia platform release was slated to happen at some point this year. Now we know that the game had a surprise launch on the Google Stadia platform. Rather than hyping up an upcoming release, a Stadia Connect video unveiled that the game can be purchased for $59.99 right now and enjoyed. 

As mentioned the game is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms outside of Google Stadia. But if you were hoping to get a copy on the platform or simply don’t know much about the game then we recommend checking out our Before You Buy episode upload on Octopath Traveler. We offer some gameplay footage along with going over our initial thoughts on the title. 

Source: DualShockers