Resident Evil 4 HD Project Still Being Worked On Despite Remake Rumors

Capcom has been on a roll lately with the Resident Evil franchise. After coming off the well-received Resident Evil 7 installment, the studio opted to give fans a remake of Resident Evil 2. This is something fans have expressed an interest in so seeing it come to fruition made the game a quickly anticipated release. It was a remake that had a couple of changes but for the most part, the title was an instant hit and it leads to the development of an equally successful Resident Evil 3 remake. 

Right now we don’t know what Capcom has planned next. We’re seeing plenty of rumors circulating online regarding Capcom moving to other franchises to remake, developing a Resident Evil 8 installment, and of course, moving towards a Resident Evil 4 remake. Whatever the case ends up being, we know that the fan group making an HD texture download for Resident Evil 4 on PC is not giving up the project.

Announced through the fan group’s blog, the team behind Resident Evil 4 HD is uncertain what Capcom is doing. They made note that right now, there are only rumors going around and nothing official has been stated yet. Despite this, the group will continue to work in the project and deliver fans with new assets to download that will turn Resident Evil 4 into an HD release on the PC platform. This project is not done in particular. Instead, the game project is released and will continue to get updates and you can give the project a download right now to bump up the visuals of Resident Evil 4.

For those interested in seeing how the visuals look with this project can do so in the video footage supplied below. It’s also worth noting that the remakes have been slightly different from the Capcom development team. That’s not to say there will be a drastic difference if Capcom was to remake Resident Evil 4, but this HD texture project will at least give you the game as it was released initially.

Source: Re4hd