Looks Like A First Gen Pokemon Pink Version Was Discovered 

The Pokemon franchise has been around for decades and it continues to capture a new audience on a regular basis thanks to the animated series. However, those that really grew up with the series may have been more familiar with the original set of games that came out into the market. In the western markets, the games that released were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. But it wasn’t long after that we got a Pokemon Yellow version.

This Pokemon Yellow version was mainly focused on Pikachu that followed the player character on the map, much like how the animated series plays out. While the 1998 video game release was a hit, there apparently was another version that would have released alongside the Yellow version. According to leaks being released by datamines, there was a Pokemon Pink version also in development.

Nothing is really known about Pokemon Pink as the game datamine only showcases the title with Pokemon Yellow. Most are assuming that the game would have featured the same mechanics as Pokemon Yellow but instead of a focus around Pikachu, we would have been focusing on either Clefairy or Jigglypuff. At this point, that’s really all that we have, but it leaves us wondering just how far into development went for this particular game.

Maybe we could see a scrapped copy of Pokemon Pink eventually make its way into the market or perhaps some developers who had worked with Game Freak during that era alert the reasons why this game never released into the markets. For now, it’s an interesting find and one that first-generation fans may be a bit more interested in than those that may find those early video game titles a bit too limiting compared to what is readily available today.

Source: IGN