Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Will Be ‘100 Times Larger’ Than Ground Zeroes

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series has claimed that his next game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (a title that we named as one of our most anticipated PS4 games of 2014) will be “hundreds of times bigger” than its prequel, Ground Zeroes.

He made the announcement over Twitter, where he explained that the soon-to-be-released Ground Zeroes will serve as a base for The Phantom Pain and an introduction to its setting. However, The Phantom Pain will be the real deal—what gamers are really looking for.

"GZ is both a prologue to the MGSV story and, at the same time, a tutorial for a new MGS, which transitions to sneaking simulator," he wrote.

"With that said, GZ has a relatively small field as compared to the main game (which is hundreds of times larger) without time zones changing in real-time. However, each mission offers different time zones with different playstyles.”

The Phantom Pain isn’t going to be out any time soon. Kojima previously stated that he only expects for the game to be released “around the time the PlayStation 4 becomes more spread out.”

"The Phantom Pain has enormous volume, so it will require much more time," he explained in an interview with Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. "So, together with the marketing staff, we consulted ‘what ifs’ and such, and came to the decision of allowing fans to at least play the prologue, ahead of time. We want to offer it for as cheap as possible, so at first we thought about making it as a download only; however, after thinking about people around the world, and how some places don’t have the best connectivity, we’re preparing a physical version."

"It would’ve actually been better to release it all at once, but by the way things are going, it appears likely that Phantom Pain will be coming out around the time the PlayStation 4 becomes more spread out. That means we would’ve had to make people wait a while longer."

That said, gamers can expect to play the prequel title, Ground Zeroes, on March 2014. It will be available as both a retail and digital title, on both older and current-gen consoles.