Over 500 PS2 Games Now Playable For Hacked PS4 Consoles

For fans of the PlayStation line of consoles, there may have been some expectations when the PS4 was first announced to offer some backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as the PlayStation 4 simply offers players a means to enjoy some of past generation video game consoles through the means of PlayStation Now. That service may prove to be a viable option for some gamers, but others are taking it upon themselves to bring out some backwards compatibility on the system.

Hackers have been working on the PlayStation 4 for a good while now. From offering a means to enjoy homebrew content to even emulation. Some hackers were working on bringing over PlayStation 2 video game titles on the console through an emulation software and so far it looks like the hackers who have been putting some time and effort towards the cause of replaying PlayStation 2 classics are paying off. 

According to a report by MP1ST, it looks like over 1,000 video game titles have been tested. From that group of games, there are over 500 games that are playable. Players can enjoy the games without any issues, however, it does look like that there are still plenty of over great PS2 games that are still stuck in the unplayable category. That could mean anything from the titles not capable of running or other glitches that may need to be worked out before they can fully be enjoyed. 

Right now, it looks like Sony’s main focus is on the PlayStation 5 and we’re certainly curious as to if the console will be capable of any backwards compatibility outside of PlayStation Now. Unfortunately, we’re simply going need to wait and see just what all Sony has in store for us with the PlayStation 5.

Source: MP1ST