Disco Elysium Coming “Soon” to Nintendo Switch, Developers Confirm

Developer ZA/AM has announced on the BBC’s 5live’s Game On Podcast that the team is currently working on a Nintendo Switch port for their critically acclaimed title — Disco Elysium.

Yes, the critically acclaimed RPG title is indeed coming to the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. This might be the perfect home for the game thanks to the devices easy accessibility to play the game anywhere. Disco Elysium is very heavy on story building its characters, world and immersive story.

The announcement comes as exciting news for many of us, but at the moment we have no concrete release date. However, Narrative lead developer — Helen Hindpere stated that “it’s going to happen soon”.

Disco Elysium has been one of the better titles to release in the year of 2019. It went on to win plenty of awards at The Game Awards 2019, as well as the hearts of plenty of gamers. If you never got around to playing the game, perhaps the Nintendo Switch port is the version right for you.

Did you play Disco Elysium? Think it needs a Nintendo switch port? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: BBC Radio