Hideo Kojima Would Be Interested In Creating A Horror Game

You are likely aware of PT, the video game was a demo that came out of nowhere from an unknown development studio. It was exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and while gamers started to download and play through the title, it was clear after a short period of time, this PT game was really a teaser for an upcoming installment to the Silent Hill franchise. Konami was working in-house once again with the Silent Hill franchise and best of all Hideo Kojima would be the man behind the project.

Using PT was just a means to surprise fans and get a gauge on how the horror experience was for those that enjoyed the demo. Unfortunately, as you are all likely aware, things didn’t quite pan out as Konami and Hideo Kojima had liked.

This resulted in Hideo Kojima leaving the company after several years and with it came the cancellation of Silent Hills. Now fans are left wondering what would come of the beloved franchise, but one thing is for sure, even if Hideo Kojima is not working on Silent Hills, he would still have an interest in revisiting the horror genre. 

In an interview with BAFTA, Hideo Kojima spoke of his time with PT and how it was a successful experiment. Likewise, because Hideo Kojima is easily scared, he feels that creating a horror game could come quite easily for him. Now it looks like the joy of creating a horror game is still on the table for the legendary developer.

“P.T. ended as just an experiment, but I would like to make another horror game someday. Something that uses a revolutionary method to create terror, that doesn’t just make you pee your pants, but crap them. I already have ideas in mind.”

As of right now, we don’t know what Kojima Productions is working on after the release of Death Stranding. We very well could see a new horror game come out from the studio, though at the moment all we can do is wait and see just what Hideo Kojima crafts up next.

Source: BAFTA