Naughty Dog Shares New Screenshots for The Last of Us Part 2, Check Them Out Here

last of us

Despite the unfortunate delay for The Last of Us Part 2, developer Naughty Dog have released a bach of new screenshots for the highly anticipated title.

The new screenshots look absolutely amazing and highly rendered. We get even more close ups from some of our favorite characters — Joel and Ellie. In addition the close up screenshots, we also get a couple of environment-based ones, and they range from hilly mountains to deep foliage forests.

Check out the batch of new screenshots for The Last of Us Part 2 down below:

If you have yet to hear the sad news, Sony has taken to Twitter today to break the news that their highly anticipated sequel exclusive title, The Last of Us Part 2 is getting delayed until further notice.

This comes to a shock to some of us as the game was set to release late next month. However, as we all know, the growing Coronavirus pandemic has made normal living a thing of the past, and Sony has decided to hold back from releasing the game due to logistic reasons.

Source: Sony via Nibel