Mark Cerny Offers More Details On Hardware Behind PlayStation 5

When it comes to the next-generation console platforms from both Microsoft and Sony, the duo has unveiled the hardware powering the consoles up. It’s a big thrill for those that enjoy details regarding the components that both platforms will be using, but now we have a bit more information regarding the hardware for the PlayStation 5. Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 hardware last month and while it wasn’t the big unveiling of the PlayStation 5 that some consumers may have been thrilled about, it was a deep dive video showcasing the architecture behind the system. 

This presentation was held by Mark Cerny who is the lead system architect behind the PlayStation 5, where he unveiled some in-depth details for the hardware and improvements made from their work with the PlayStation 4. Still, there is plenty of questions that are left unanswered which is where a new video by Digital Foundry could come into play. Prior to the public presentation of the PlayStation 5 Digital Foundry was able to get an early look and ask some questions in hopes to further clarify some of the points being made.

For instance, Mark was able to further clarify the boost clocks and how the PlayStation 5 units would be able to act similar to each other despite some of the temperature differences they may endure. We’re also given a bit more details regarding HRTF which is the push to bring a 3D surround sound feel which should make a big leap in the video game industry. This new technology will allow players to get a greater sense of where a sound is coming from in correlation to the character. 

Furthermore, we’re also expecting a tear down video of the PlayStation 5 which will give a better look at the hardware running the platform. With that said, we’re still waiting for a big reveal of the PlayStation 5 itself. So far, it’s a waiting game on when Sony will be making a big online upload event for players to get a look at the new system. We shouldn’t have too much longer of a wait to endure as both Microsoft and Sony are slated to launch during this year’s holiday season. 

Source: Digital Foundry