Epic Games Starts Their Own Publishing Service

Epic Games has really blown up over the years thanks to the likes of Fortnite being a massive money-making machine. The game development studio has gone on to create their own online digital marketplace to compete against Valve’s Steam marketplace. Additionally, the company has announced that it is bringing out a new multiplatform publishing effort known as Epic Games Publishing. Already three notable development studios have signed a contract deal. 

Epic Games is hoping to make a big difference with their publishing service. Noted in the announcement post, Epic Games is approaching publishing in a new fundamentally way that allows developers to have control over their video games rather than having to make changes noted by the publisher. Likewise, the company can cover 100% of the development costs from salaries to other expenses that come up to make the video game. Additionally the developer will receive a 50% cut of the profit from the video game. 

This is quite a big step for Epic Games and as mentioned three studios have already signed deals with Epic Games. Those studios are gen DESIGN known for The Last Guardian, Inside developers, Playdead, and lastly, we have Remedy Entertainment who recently launched Control. These video game studios are working with Epic Games Publishing at least for their next video game or two projects and depending on their success, we could see others quickly make a deal with Epic Games for their own future video game productions.

“We’re building the publishing model we always wanted for ourselves when we worked with publishers”

Tim Sweeney

This is not the only big company that is working on publishing either. It wasn’t long ago that Quantic Dream developer stated that they will soon start working with developers to publish their video game titles as well, though we’re still waiting for more information to come out on which studios have paired with Quantic Dream. 

Source: Epic Games