Offers Discount Over Coronavirus Pandemic

You are all aware of the health pandemic going on right now. There’s a real concern with doctors as they fight to keep those infected healthy along with keeping everyone away from large gatherings. With several areas being closed down from any big events, shows, restaurants, bars, and everything in between, it can get quite boring after so long.

Now is a perfect time to enjoy some of the video games in your backlog. If you haven’t kept a backlog on video games to complete while keeping away from others then you may want to take a look at The website has been a go-to source for indie titles and today the website has revealed that they are holding a sale due to the health pandemic.

“Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is on all of us, so make your time social distancing a little easier. Here’s a collection of games from developers who are offering special discounts to do what they can to help.”

The sale offers a wide range of video game titles to pick up digitally. For instance, you can find discounts to completely free video game titles. It’s well worth checking into as you may find some indie hits that you might not have thought to pick up before. Either way, the message is trying to share is an important one. Keep safe and stay away from large gatherings in order to do your part in helping the CDC gain control over the virus.