Blair Witch Is Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer

Blair Witch started out as an indie film project that took off. This horror movie followed a group of student filmmakers as they embark in the woods shooting a documentary about an urban legend known as the Blair Witch. Things quickly turn for the worse and the crew ends up dead, but the film continued to live on and spark quite a big franchise including additional movies, novels, television series, and games. In fact, a new Blair Witch video game was unveiled during E3 2019 which was developed by Bloober Team.

The video game had since released, but today we’re finding out that those that own a Nintendo Switch will get a chance to pick up a copy this summer. The video game doesn’t have a specific release date attached. Overall, the game follows after the events of the first movie in which players take on a protagonist Ellis Lynch who was once a cop.

When a child going missing in the Black Hills Forest, a search is sent out to locate the little boy. However, it’s clear that once you enter the woods, there is something else lurking about. Overall, the game has been receiving some mixed reviews since it released on other platforms.

As mentioned earlier, this game is available for purchase on other platforms as well. Blair Witch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One while we wait for the Nintendo Switch release.

Source: YouTube