Control’s The Foundation Expansion Launches This Month

Control was quite the anticipated video game release from the development studio, Remedy Entertainment. The video game played out as a third-person shooter with an enthralling story to keep players questioning what exactly was going on. We won’t spoil much in the way of Control’s story, but for the most part, players are stuck in a secret government building with a supernatural force attempting to escape. 

As a result, players are left wondering just what is going on in this cinematic style video game and if you played through the entire narrative, you may be itching for more. Luckily, we knew early on that Remedy Entertainment was planning on new expansions for Control after its release. These expansions will contain new storylines and content for players to go through, but the information surrounding them has been scarce.

Now we know that the first expansion, titled The Foundation, will be making its way out into the market later this month. The official release date for The Foundation is March 26, so you don’t have too long of a wait. A tweet from the official Control Twitter account suggests that the story will involve Helen Marshall as well, but nothing is given out in detail quite yet. While we have this expansion to look forward to playing, we do know that there is another expansion coming sometime later this year known as AWE. This is speculated that the expansion will have something to do with the Alan Wake IP, but again, nothing has been confirmed quite yet.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Control right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. If you have yet to pick up a copy then we suggest looking into our Before You Buy episode upload for the game up above.

Source: Twitter