Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire Update Delayed

If you were hoping to dive into Sea of Thieves tomorrow with new content to devour then you’re out of luck. The Heart of Fire update has officially been delayed by the Rare development team. This news came out from the official Twitter account that unveils the reason behind this whole update was done specifically due to a single bug that was discovered for the update.

The tweet alerted fans that a bug was discovered by their insider when testing out the update. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any information regarding what the bug actually did for the game, but it’s apparently big enough to warrant the development team to keep the update from releasing as intended tomorrow, March 11, 2020. That’s certainly a bummer for those that were waiting as this update was going to bring plenty of content.

The Heart of Fire update brings in a Tall Tale along with new weapons such as the chain shot cannonballs and the Blunderbomb. This update would have allowed plenty of veterans to jump back into the game, but for now, this bug will prevent players from enjoying the game content.

We should have an update on when the update will make its way out into the market sometime tomorrow. Hopefully, the bug is an easy fix for Rare so that those that wish to play Heart of Fire can have access sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you can view the trailer for Heart of Fire above along with our Before You Buy episode for the game down below.

Source: Twitter