Team17 Will Have A New Worms Game Soon

A teaser has just gone up in regards to a brand new Worms game from Team17. The franchise has been around for years and we’re used to seeing an installment or two released almost yearly but it’s been a little while since we got anything from the franchise. Sometime this year, the next iteration of Worms will soon make its way out into the marketplace and it may be a big change up to the franchise overall.

As mentioned, it’s been a few years since we last received a Worms game. It was 2016 that Worms W.M.D found its way into the marketplace and since then we’ve been waiting for the next installment. Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about the game quite yet as all we’ve had is a small teaser indicating that the new game would come out in 2020.

What may catch your eye is that Team17 will apparently bring out new ways to play so it could potentially mean a new genre-focused Worms game or simply that there are new resources to make use of when battling in this traditional strategy series. At any rate, for fans of the franchise, this announcement is likely more than welcomed.

While we wait for the next big announcement for Worms 2020, you can check out the initial teaser trailer above. Likewise, we’d love to know what your personal favorite Worms game is. After all, the series has several installments after it first came out all the way back in 1995.

Source: Twitter