PS VR Exploration and Adventure Game, Paper Beast, Set to Release on March 24th

A new announcement from Independent studio Pixel Reef, has PS VR players excited, as they have announced their new game, Paper Beast.

In addition to announcing the game, they also dated the game for later this month on March 24th. A one,two punch and the game is almost already out, so the wait won’t be too long. If you’re a PS VR user, this title might be worth checking out as it has a unique style and interesting concept.

The game invites players to discover a wild simulated ecosystem, born from lost Internet data. Players will have to grown bonds between exotic creatures, solve environmental puzzles, and unravel the game’s underlying mysteries.

Check out the release date trailer for the upcoming PSVR title, Paper Beast down below:

Learn more about Paper Beast down below:

Paper Beast was created from the ground up for virtual reality: through experimentation with the environment, and the actions they take, players will come to understand the mysterious world of Paper Beast through the real-time consequences they create. 

Two modes are available for Paper Beast: the adventure mode for the player to explore a dreamlike world, inhabited by fascinating creatures and the sandbox mode, an almost-infinite experimentation space. 

As the first explorer of this untouched land, players will discover that interaction with creatures is the heart of the gameplay. As they progress, collaboration with life will help players shape the environment to overcome obstacles or resolve environmental puzzles 

Paper Beast is set to release for the PS VR on March 24th. Are you excited for the upcoming VR title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube