Ghostrunner Gameplay Footage Showcased Online

Ghostrunner was announced last year and it’s been described as Mirror’s Edge mixed with Dishonored. Overall, the gameplay has looked quite intense from the initial game announcement trailer, but today we have new footage to view for this upcoming FPS cyberpunk video game, which you can view right above.

The video game is being developed by One More Level studio and from what we know so far, the game is focused around climbing up a tower-like city which is humanity’s last refugee. However, it’s also a corrupt location and it seems that our protagonist is looking to change things around. 

With a massive class structure with no means of increasing your rank in society, the rebellion is has begun and this fast-paced FPS is looking like a whirlwind of fun. From the footage alone, we can see our protagonist running across walls, dashing through the air or strafing at intense speeds to dodge firefight. 

With the game slated to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Currently, the title doesn’t have a specific release date attached quite yet, though the development studio along with publishers All in! Games are hoping to see the Ghostrunner make an appearance in the marketplace sometime later this year. 

While we wait to see just when the video game title makes an official release date, you can view the newly released gameplay footage from IGN posted right above. Likewise, take a look at some of the screenshots for the title down below. 

Source: YouTube