Speculation Goes Wild Over New Rockstar Games Artwork

Rockstar Games is a massive name to reckon with. The development team has brought out countless hit video game titles with the likes of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. With such massive franchises under its control, there are never any shortages of speculation and rumors spreading around of what’s to come. However, a new chain of speculation pieces is coming out from an upgraded artwork that was added to the development studio page.

The artwork showcases an android hugging onto the Rockstar logo while also showcasing some champagne. It’s the center of attention right now on if this will be a nod towards something coming out in the future or if it’s purely just an art piece that Rockstar felt like showcasing on their website. Either way, there is one clue that more people are honing in on and it’s the date on the bottle.

If you happen to zoom in close enough to the bottle you’ll come across the year 1998 and it’s leaving plenty of players wondering if Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in the late 1990s. While anything is possible, it’s worth noting that Rockstar Games got its start in 1998 so the year could very well just pay homage to the date Rockstar Games was established.

While we wait to see if Rockstar Games makes any mention of the new art piece, players can still enjoy Grand Theft Auto Online, which still receives updates and new content added into the title on a regular basis. Likewise, Red Dead Redemption 2 is their latest video game title release and it as well includes an online multiplayer component known as Red Dead Online.

Perhaps with both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming out this holiday season, Rockstar Games may have a new title to unveil. There’s certainly quite a bit of hype surrounding a new Grand Theft Auto title along with a potential sequel to Bully.

Source: Rockstar Games