PlatinumGames Unveils Their Project G.G. Title

PlatinumGames has been teasing that there would be a new video game title announced for a little while now and today we got our first taste of it. The video game development studio is bringing out another hero title that will follow in the same trend as The Wonderful 101. While the game doesn’t have a name attached yet, the studio has dubbed the title Project G.G.

There is a good following behind PlatinumGames as they have turned out several big hits over the years. In their past catalog, the studio worked on Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and Astral Chain. Now to mention, they are preparing for a remastered release of The Wonderful 101, a game that recently unveiled the launch date. At any rate, the studio has big plans for Project G.G. even though they are still far away from being able to launch the game into the market.

While we know that Project G.G. is a hero-based video game title, the big aspect behind this game for the studio is that they own the IP. In the past, the development studio has worked with publishers and its the reason that they are not able to really continue on with certain IPs or platform releases. Now that the studio is publishing this title as well, they retain full control of every aspect behind Project G.G. For instance, they not only have full creative control, but they can determine what is best for the title in terms of marketing, support, and its release. 

While we know that the development studio is working on Project G.G., this is far from the only game on their plate. We also have the likes of a new installment to the highly beloved Bayonetta series, though much like Project G.G., little to no information has been unveiled about what players can expect.

Source: IGN