Epic Games Store Will Feature A Free Assassin’s Creed Game 

When the Epic Games Store first got its start, there was some heavy competition against the likes of Valve’s Steam. Steam has been the go-to place for video games on PC and with it being around for years now, there is plenty of content and features readily available. As a result, there were a few strategies set in place with hopes that it would gather a bigger audience. For instance, Epic Games started to reach out to publishers and developers to provide an exclusivity deal allowing their PC ports to release exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a duration of time.

This combined with the more revenue percentage given to the IP holders for each sale made things a bit more enticing for the likes of developers and publishers. However, it did come at a cost to players that were upset they couldn’t purchase the games through the Steam client at launch. Since then, Epic Games has continued to work on updates for their storefront client in order to bring out more features that could mimic Valve’s Steam. While they still have plenty of work ahead of them, there is one feature that has gathered plenty of gamers towards EGS.

Each week, Epic Games Store offers free video game titles that you can claim and keep forever. There have been quite a few desirable titles available all for free just as long as the game is claimed on your account when they go up for free in that particular week. For instance, right now, gamers can claim a free copy of Kingdom Come Deliverance. However, we know that starting on February 21, 2020, gamers will be able to claim a copy of Faeria along with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been quite popular and it certainly has quite a few installments available in the market. If you missed out on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate then you’ll have a chance to pick it up completely for free which is a deal that’s not worth passing up. 

Source: Epic Games Store