007 GoldenEye Game Mode Coming To Rainbow Six Siege

If you are my age then you remember fondly the days of the Nintendo 64. Those that had a console had a mixture of classic titles one of which was 007 GoldenEye. While video games adapted from movies are typically not that well received, there was an exception for this particular game. 007 GoldenEye not only had a fun campaign to enjoy, but most everyone had this game for the multiplayer aspect. It was a traditional four-player couch shooter. 

In the mix of the game modes, there was one that made for some intense and hilarious gaming moments. I’m referring to the Golden Gun mode where the game features players with a gun that was made of gold but also extremely powerful. It only took one shot to kill an opposing player though you only had one bullet in the chamber at a time which makes aiming crucial. It looks like this classic game mode is going to get highlighted soon in Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege released back in 2015 and it’s still extremely popular as a competitive tactical shooter. While the game typically focused on two teams going head-to-head in close-quarter combat, an Arcade game mode will be added in. With this game mode, the development team will be able to add in small little fun game modes to enjoy more casually like the classic Golden Gun mode in 007 GoldenEye

This may prove to be popular and for a game that is going strong half a decade later, it’s not too surprising that the development studio wouldn’t want to add something a bit different to keep things unique. What do you think of a new Arcade mode being added into a rather competitive video game like Rainbow Six: Siege

Source: PC Gamer