New Update Released For Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition

There are a few big-name franchises that are focused on the survival horror genre. One of the few that really helped inspired so many incredible video game projects was Silent Hill. The video game franchise was a cherished title from Konami years ago with an internal team known as Team Silent, making sure each installment received an in-depth experience for players both in terms of gameplay and narrative. While the original Team Silent group has been disbanded and the franchise has been taken to different western developers, the IP has become dormant.

With that said, there are still some that are hopeful that Konami would surprise the masses with a new Silent Hill game or even potentially a remake much like in the same style as to how Capcom handled the remakes for Resident Evil. Even if that never comes, there are still fans that are working together in order to bring back the charm of the original Silent Hill experience on the PC platform. When it comes to the PC edition of Silent Hill 2 then there are a few elements missing that keep the game a bit bland compared to the original console release. 

That’s where Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition comes in handy. With a fan group that is making sure that the experience is true to the original, PC owners of the Silent Hill 2 Director’s Cut may want to update the game with the content being provided by the Enhanced Edition. In a new update, you can find several new fixes that help keep the atmosphere correct along with fixing some bugs in the game. 

You can view the update video for the Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition above. Otherwise, check out some example images from the gallery embedded below.

Source: YouTube