Bloodroots Finds February 28th Release Date for All Platforms, New Trailer Debuts

Raph Toulouse Co-Founder at Paper Cult took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the official release date for their upcoming action title, Bloodroots!

Yes, from the headline, Bloodroots is set to release for all platforms later this month on February 28th! In addition to the announcement of the release date, Toulouse released a new epic gameplay trailer for the title as well as give some new details about the game’s plot. However, let’s start with the new release date trailer!

Check out the new Bloodroots release date trailer down below:

Now that the release date trailer is out of the way and that the we saw some gameplay for upcoming game, let’s learn a little bit about the game’s plot. Thanks to Toulouse, a fully descriptive outline for Bloodroots have been released. As the co-founder states, the game is best described as a Kill Bill meets The Revenant, and a lot of Jackie Chan thrown in to spice it up!

Learn about Mr. Wolf and his epic adventure down below:

The story begins with Mr. Wolf discovering Tarrytown completely engulfed in flames from a recent raid. In the village cemetery, the outlaws of the Blood Beasts gang ambush him. After a brief encounter, the leader of the gang, Mr. Black Wolf, takes down Mr. Wolf.

Left for dead, Mr. Wolf mysteriously survives the attack and is consumed by rage which leads him to seek out revenge. He hunts down each member of the gang one by one. Bloodroots’ mysterious story then begins to unfold, one encounter at a time.

The Blood Beasts gang is at the center of the story. The pack is led by Mr. Black Wolf. Along his ranks there is Mr. Boar, a foul-mouthed dandy that will go to great lengths to protect his land and riches, even if it means sacrificing his own soldiers to do so.

The youngest recruit is Ms. Bison. Fueled by her hyperactive nature, she is always thirsty for some bloody action. Finally Mrs. Crow is the one who has seen it all. Her wisdom and crafty nature makes her an indispensable ally to the Beasts. She is the most cunning of all the members which probably makes her the most dangerous of the gang.

Bloodroots is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 28th. Are you excited for the upcoming game? Thinking about picking it up? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog