Naughty Dog Announces The Last of Us Part 2 Will be Playable at PAX East 2020; Collector Edition Restocks Incoming, Free Dynamic Theme, and More detailed

Naughty Dog took to the PlayStation Blog and dropped a bombshell of news for their highly anticipated sequel title, The Last of Us Part 2!

They really went all out with the news for the game, but let’s break it down one by one. One of the first pieces of news from the blog post is that Naughty Dog will be bringing the highly anticipated title, The Last of Us Part 2 to PAX East 2020.

Not only will the game be at the convention, but it will be playable! Yes, the game will be playable at PAX East 2020, and it will span across an hour of gameplay, which the developers state that it will tease you for what’s in store for the full release of the game.

Check out the official announcement from Naughty Dog down below:

The Last of Us Part II Hands-on Demo at PAX East 2020

Not only did Ellie and Joel’s journey begin in Boston, but PAX East also has special meaning for us: it was where we gave you the first ever opportunity to go hands on with The Last of Us back in 2013. We thought it would only be fitting to return to the city that started it all to give fans the first-ever public hands-on with The Last of Us Part II.

From February 27 until March 1, attendees will have an opportunity to play “Patrol,” featuring an early area of the game where Ellie and Dina must venture out of Jackson into the surrounding areas to clear out infected. The demo will span an hour of gameplay and provide just a small glimpse into what awaits you in the full game.

Following the exciting news of PAX East, ND then went on to detail that restocks for the wildly successful Ellie Edition collector bundles for the game will be getting a restock soon. They are trying to get more suppliers and retailers to make the Ellie Editions, so stay tuned for news on that in the future.

They followed up the restock news with a new statue from the game featuring the main character Ellie. This new statue will come from Dark Horse Comics and if you want some Last of Us memorabilia for your room, this might be your best best!

Check out the new statue of Ellie from Dark Horse Comics down below:

Following up the 12″ limited-edition Ellie statue revealed on Outbreak Day 2019, we’ve teamed up with Dark Horse once again to release a brand new 8″ “Ellie with Machete” polyresin statuette. Designed and sculpted by our incredibly talented character artists, this new statuette will be a limited production run based on the number of pre-orders received via Dark Horse Direct before March 13, 2020.

After that, it’s gone! You can begin pre-ordering today. Additionally, Dark Horse will be releasing an 8″ PVC version of the “Ellie with Bow” statue revealed last year, which will be available at participating retailers this summer.

And finally, Naughty Dog then announced and detailed a new free dynamic theme for PS4 users. The dynamic theme will feature Ellie set in two different scenarios. It’s the perfect blend to capture what the Last of Us consists of – -Peace and Explicable Horror.

Check out the Last of Us Part 2 free dynamic theme for PS4 down below:

Americas: 4FMP-BBNM-J5L3
Europe/AU/NZ/Russia/Middle East/Africa/India: 9DEK-PKNG-N445
Japan and Asia: Please check out each country’s official PlayStation social channel for more details.

Codes expire February 11, 2021. Redeem Region-specific code at PS Store while supplies last.

The Last of Us Part 2 is now scheduled to release exclusively for the PS4 on May 29th, 2020. Are you excited for the highly anticipated title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog