Red Dead Online Hackers Are Unleashing Two-Headed Skeleton Hostiles 

Anytime you have an online component to a video game some gamers look to get an edge on the competition. Through mods, some players in matches can use an assortment of hacks to use against other players. These can allow players to buff their character, clip through walls or just become invincible. As a result, this can really damper the online experience for other players and its something that developers are battling against to ensure the playing ground is even for anyone that logs online.

Rockstar Games has two big online video games at the moment which are Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online. The latter has been a playing ground for plenty of hacks today and now it seems that hackers are flooding into Red Dead Online. So far there is one new hack that is becoming somewhat problematic for players to deal with. The latest hack is modders crafting up a two-headed skeleton to attack players in the wild.

These enemies are not present in the game outside of an inactive skin featured in the single-player campaign. Now hackers have spawned these skins to start attacking players all for their enjoyment. It seems that you can even spot the hacker as they tend to be floating around the skies in a hot air balloon. If you happen to catch one in the air, players have been tagging them and reporting to Rockstar in order to have their accounts banned.

Next time you see a two-headed skeleton, you’ll at least know that it’s not a new game event but a hack being used online. For those of you who haven’t played Red Dead Online yet, we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload down below.

Source: IGN