Cliff Bleszinski Offers To Consult Gears Franchise Again

You may recall Cliff Bleszinski. At one time he worked at Epic Games during the creation of the Gears of War franchise, now known as simply Gears, but has since moved on to his own projects. In his departure came the creation of Boss Key Productions that opened up in 2014 though, with a failure to really turn a profit, the company closed in 2018. Since the commercial failure, it looked as if Cliff Bleszinski was exiting the gaming industry altogether, but that might not be the case anymore.

Yesterday we got the news of The Coalition head, Rod Fergusson, is stepping down from the company after directing Gears 5 as he moves to work at Blizzard. This came as a surprise and it left some wondering who would be replacing him or what this could mean in the Gears franchise. Now that the news has come out about Rod Fergusson leaving, it looks like Cliff Bleszinski is interested in picking back up on the franchise he helped created years ago.

Announced on Twitter, Cliff alerted to Microsoft that his offer to consult on the Gears franchise still stood and that there were pages of ideas that would help the franchise out. In fact, a follow-up tweet stated that there were some big ideas that he really wanted to see pushed on Gears of War 4 that didn’t get used. If he is able to consult the development team on Gears 6, it doesn’t look like that would mean the developer would remain with the franchise as it appears there is no interest in staying around.

Perhaps this is just a means to see some of his ideas from yesteryear finally get used in the franchise and it would be curious to see what Gears 6 would bring if the studio works with Cliff. Would you like to see the former Gears of War dev back into the franchise?

Source: Twitter