A New Ninja Gaiden Game May Be In The Works

Team Ninja is gearing to release their next big video game release, Nioh 2. The video game is set to launch in March and will act as a prequel to Nioh though before the release of the game, fans were hoping that the studio would go back and deliver a new installment to the Ninja Gaiden franchise. While the studio decided to make Nioh 2, it looks like the director behind the game, Fumihiko Yasuda, is fully aware that fans are craving Ninja Gaiden.

Team Ninja is a division to Koei Techmo and it was founded back in 1995 so for years now, we’ve seen installments come out from the group. Known mainly for the Dead or Alive series along with Ninja Gaiden, there was a new IP that launched from the development team back in 2017 with Nioh. While we will soon get a chance to play another installment in the Nioh franchise, we may finally get a look back to Ninja Gaiden, which hasn’t seen a mainline installment release since 2012.

Speaking to IGN, Fumihiko Yasuda, was hinting at the idea of a new Ninja Gaiden game as he talked about the fan reception of the series. With there being plenty of fans craving a new installment, Fumihiko Yasuda feels that good news will come soon. Likewise, he made mention that there are plenty of developers from the core group behind Ninja Gaiden that’s not only interested in developing a new game but also inspired by the likes of other Ninja-like titles that have released recently.

Unfortunately, with that said, nothing was confirmed to be in development. Instead, we only have a few teases and hints from the game director. While the group are likely fully focused on the successful launch of Nioh 2, we may hear something from the Koei Techmo and Team Ninja sooner rather than later.

Source: IGN