Fortnite Details Chapter 2 Season 1 Overtime Challenges Part 3, Check Here For Full Details

Epic Games have been known for keeping Fortnite players engaged in the community, and it stays true to this day as the developers have issued another challenge for players to try to complete.

This is the 3 part of the challenge missions which unlocks new skins, and unlockable. If you haven’t been kept up to date on all the challanges no worries, as Epic allows users to complete all of the challenges by the time the season ends. However, if you want to unlock everything, you should not waste any more time; this new Cameo appearance is pretty cool!

Check out the official post from Epic Games down below:

There’s something unusual about this Cameo appearance. Complete the Challenges in the Cameo vs. Chic Mission to unlock the new style for Cameo, the latest of this Season’s superstars spotted with a mysterious form. 

The rewards for the Mission are:

  • New style for the Cameo vs Chic Outfit 
  • New style for the Highlight Strikers Pickaxe 
  • New style for the Blade Bag Back Bling 
  • New style for the Metalmark Glider

And like with the previous Missions, each individual Challenge rewards XP upon completion (🌎 ❤ XP).

Have you missed any of the Overtime Challenges? Don’t worry — every Mission will remain available until the end of the Season. For info on the first Mission’s rewards, click here. And for info on the second and third Missions’ rewards, click here.

– The Fortnite Team

In related news, Epic Games announced today that they are brining back the NFL skins to Fortnite in lieu of the Super Bowl Weekend! The NFL skins have returned, and if you missed them the first round, then this is your time to make amends. Thanks to the upcoming Super Bowl weekend, the skins are back and in full force. Check out the full announcement right here!

Fortnite is now available to download for free on all platforms. Are you planning on trying to complete the challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Epic Games