Did Insomniac Games Tease Sunset Overdrive 2?

While Microsoft didn’t have too many big hit exclusives for the Xbox One and PC platform this generation, there was one title that fans gravitated towards. Insomniac Games launched Sunset Overdrive back in 2014 and with plenty of great reviews, we’ve been waiting for a sequel announcement ever since. Unfortunately, we’re left wondering just when the sequel will come, though most fans were thrilled to see the development studio tweet out an image reflecting back to the IP recently.

As mentioned, Sunset Overdrive launched in 2014 and remains a Microsoft exclusive for both the PC and Xbox One platforms. The game is a wacky and colorful world where players are forced to battle mindless zombie-like creatures in an overrun city. Recently, the development team at Insomniac Games tweeted out an image to Sunset Overdrive and made a comment about the game narrative. It’s sparked quite a bit of attention online that maybe this could potentially be a nod towards a sequel of some sort.

Unfortunately, Insomniac Games didn’t make any sort of announcements on the matter quite yet. Likewise, this is nothing unusual for the development team. They have posted several images in the past and made references to their previous works. After all, they have quite a catalog of titles in the past that fans enjoy such as Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and most recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The studio certainly enjoys interacting with fans and giving nods towards fan-favorite franchises but there’s always hope that perhaps we will see a Sunset Overdrive sequel in the near future.

Source: Twitter