We Could See A Sonic Movie Sequel

Video game movies are rather notorious for being bad. Most often fans find that film productions skipped over plenty of source material that made the game essence so popular. Likewise, it’s tough to make a film based on a video game that has several hours’ worth of content. Despite this, we still see plenty of films produced and tossed into the market in hopes that it will become a big hit. One of the latest that will soon see a launch into theaters near you is Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic has been Sega’s mascot for years and while the franchise has been going strong for decades, it’s finally going to see a launch on the big screen. It’s a video game adaptation that the production has already had a battle with from fans. When the film’s trailer first released online, there was plenty of backlash over the design of Sonic that left fans appalled by the creative decisions that went into the film in the first place. 

In fact, the outcry was so bad that it left the production crew to delay the film so that the team could redesign Sonic in all of the scenes which we imagine is no easy feat. Now that the film is getting close to its debut in theaters, the cast is doing press in order to bring in potential viewers into the theater. Jim Carrey, for instance, has been doing a few interviews to hype up Sonic The Hedgehog and it was when speaking to Jake Hamilton, that the actor was interested in jumping back into the film franchise once again.

Jim Carrey has taken on the role of Dr. Robotnik where the actor feels that this could just be the start for the character. In his mind, Robotnik has not reached his apotheosis and he wouldn’t mind going back to do another film because of how much fun he had with this installment. Currently, the Sonic the Hedgehog film is not ready to release until February 14, 2020.

Source: YouTube