Batman: Arkham Knight Will Receive New DLC Five Years After It Released 

The Batman Arkham series has been quite popular over the years and provided players a great trilogy of video games featuring the Dark Knight. Developer Rockstead Studios first started the Arkham series back in 2009 with Barman: Arkham Asylum but ended the mainline installments with the 2015 release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Now five years later the video game installment is getting free DLC starting tomorrow on the PlayStation 4. 

Don’t expect anything too drastic as there’s not going to be anything big content-wise to enjoy with this DLC. Instead, Rockstead Studios is bringing out a free skin known as Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin which will be available for the PlayStation 4 platform. This skin was available back in 2019 when the Arkham Collection launched. However, now the skin is being made available for free just as long as you have a copy of the game on the PlayStation 4 platform.

This skin may eventually come to other platforms, but for now, the game DLC has only been announced for January 28, 2020, on the PS4. With that said, if you were wanting to enjoy the game for the first time, the title is available on the PC and Xbox One platforms as well. However, there is also the Batman Arkham Collection that comes packed with all three mainline Batman Arkham video game titles. While this may give some players a new incentive to go back and enjoy the Batman game once again, there is still plenty of rumors circulating online that another Batman game is in development, though there is no official word on the matter just yet.

Source: Twitter