New Nintendo Switch Lite Ad Promotes to Play Your Way

Nintendo has released a brand new ad for their newest console, the Nintendo Switch Lite, one which shows off the accessibility of the console and how it can play a big role in creating comfort.

Check out the new video down below and let us know what you think of it in the comments below:

The new advertisement is called “My Way” and that essentially covers the theme of the whole video. In the short, 30-second video shows off the accessibility of the Nintendo Switch Lite as our focus, a Truck Driver finds comfort in spending time with his console as he is away from his family. The ad is short and to the point which is pivotal when creating an effective commercial.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the latest gaming console to come from the company and it is a handheld only console that has all the functionality of the original Nintendo Switch. Switch Lite comes in a variety of different colors and displays its games crisper due to its smaller screen.

Nintendo Switch Lite is now available to purchase with a new starting point of $199.99.

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