The Elder Scrolls VI Rumored To Be In Full Production Status 

Bethesda has several big-name franchises under its control and while we’ve been waiting for the next mainline installment of The Elder Scrolls or a new IP, players are instead given new updates for Fallout 76, a game that did rather poorly when it first launched into the marketplace. Now that the studio has made some adjustments, it seems that there is a new focus on a big production. Rumor has it that this next mainline project entering full production happens to be The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls VI has become a highly anticipated video game from the studio as the studio is finally moving past The Elder Scrolls V. This video game installment, doesn’t have any details quite yet as Bethesda has kept most of the game information and premise behind closed curtains for now. Now a new discovery online shows Bethesda Game Studios is hiring quite a few staff members to work on an RPG title for both PC and console platforms.

We know that the video game development studio has been working on two IPs for a good while now, one being a science fiction title known as Starfield which doesn’t have much of a premise right now and of course The Elder Scroll VI. Starfield is supposed to launch before The Elder Scrolls VI, so we’ll likely get some information on the game soon for both titles.

After their less than desirable initial reception of Fallout 76, the studio is likely making sure that their upcoming installments are packed with content along with features to ensure rich and enjoyable gameplay. What’s your take with all of the new job listing openings for Bethesda Game Studios? Perhaps during E3 this year Bethesda can clear some information up about what the current status is with The Elder Scrolls VI.

Source: Reddit