Former Splinter Cell Creative Director Returns To Ubisoft 

If you don’t recall, Ubisoft recently alerted followers that the studio was making some big changes to how they control their franchises. With a new editorial team to help give each franchise the care and dedication required to become a big hit once it releases into the market, we may see Ubisoft really thrive this year. As a result of the editorial team, there would be some members from the studio taking on a leadership role over their various IPs. Today we’re learning that Splinter Cell creative director Maxime Beland is making his return back to Ubisoft.

Maxime Beland has been with the development studio for years and even served as the creative director of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Since then the developer had left the studio to work with Epic Games as a creative director in 2019. That role didn’t last very long as it reported that Maxime has since gone back to Ubisoft.

His new role at Ubisoft is apparently a member of a vice-president of the Ubisoft editorial team and this could mean overseeing the anticipated franchise renewal of Splinter Cell. Over the past few years, it seems that Ubisoft and the developers involved love teasing the IP but nothing official has been confirmed on if we’re actually going to receive a new installment or reboot. 

There is quite a bit of hype over a new Splinter Cell title and that could make it difficult for developers to meet the long-awaited expectations of a brand new title. For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see if Ubisoft plans to dust off the dormant IP and bring it out for the next-generation platforms. 

Source: VGC