Father Mods Xbox Adaptive Controller To Work On Nintendo Switch

When we typically think about video games, most of us probably don’t think of the gameplay struggles some may have due to various disabilities. Thankfully to Microsoft, the creation of the Xbox Adaptive Controller really made a massive difference which offers disabled gamers a means to enjoy the latest titles on the Xbox One or PC with their controller. However, the problem is that the device wouldn’t be compatible outside of either the Xbox One or Windows platform.

Still, with its innovation, the device has been quite popular with people who are finally able to enjoy the latest third-party or Microsoft exclusives. That wasn’t enough for one father who had a disabled daughter and couldn’t use the Nintendo controllers for the latest video games offered on the platform. Being handy with gadgetry and soldering, Rory Steel started working on a custom modification for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Showcasing the progress on his Twitter account, Rory began to take the Xbox Adaptive Controller apart and managed to wire it so that the buttons placed along with the joysticks, could mimic the Joy-Cons. From there, Rory cleaned up his work for the controller up while presenting it to his daughter. It was nothing but pure bliss as his daughter began to dive into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Since the controller photos had gone online, the modifications blew up as others praised the father for his outstanding work and craftsmanship. It’s unknown if the controller will eventually become available for other platforms outside of Xbox or if Nintendo and Sony would provide an answer to a gaming controller suitable for their platforms. At the very least, Rory Steel shows that it’s quite possible to take an already established controller aimed for those with disabilities and alter it for another platform choice. 

Source: Twitter