Google Stadia Will Have At Least 10 Exclusives This Year

When Google first decided to enter the video game industry they made several headlines. There were assumptions that what Google was doing for the video game industry is what Netflix did for the movie industry. Essentially, most believed that Google Stadia would be a streaming service that would feature all the latest video games while just paying a monthly or yearly fee. That wasn’t the case as instead Google Stadia offers very much like any other digital marketplace.

With streaming, players will be able to get access to Google’s servers though to unlock certain features they would have to pay for a premium service. From there, it’s just like any other digital marketplace as you’ll have to pay for each game just as they would on other clients like Valve’s Steam or the Epic Games Store. However, most quickly wrote the service off and it may be a struggle to bring in newcomers to the service. With only one exclusive title at the moment known as Gylt from Tequila Softworks, there may be a push to bring out more exclusives to entice players.

Apparently, there is a total of at least 10 video game titles that will be launching the first half of this year. All of these will be exclusive to the Google Stadia platform, though chances are they will be timed exclusive titles with launches to other platforms after a duration of time.

While it remains to be seen if these exclusives bring in any newcomers to the service, Tequila Softworks CEO recently offered some comments on the platform. In a recent interview, Raul Rubio feels that most will find streaming to be similar to how players first viewed Valve’s Steam platform. After some push back about the digital marketplace, Steam became a massive hit and sparked several other digital marketplaces to establish their stake of the internet.¬†

Source: Eurogamer