Doom Eternal Is The Best Game id Software Has Ever Made According To Programmer

Doom has been around for a long time now and its become quite the iconic video game title. However, for years there have been a few attempts to bring out a remake that would appeal to newcomers and veterans. Whether it was in the form of a new installment on modern consoles or a complete remake, it wouldn’t be until the 2016 release of Doom that would really blow the franchise up once again. With a massive fan base eagerly awaiting to step back into hell and face off against some gnashing teeth demons.

With its success, the development studio id Software has picked back up where the events left off in Doom with the upcoming release Doom Eternal. We’re going to see some improvements obviously with Doom Eternal, but for one programmer at id Software, Doom Eternal is the best game they have ever made. Billy Khan, a lead engine programmer at id Software has taken to this Twitter account and alerted to his followers that Doom Eternal is the best game ever made from the studio. Everything from the combat to gameplay is buttery smooth which should be pleasant to see in-action.

So far, we know that the premise of the game will be taking place on Earth. It seems that demons have invaded and it’s left for the Doom Slayer to return back home and save humanity once again. With his new battle against the demonic forces, players will find that there will be a slew of new firearms and weaponry such as a grappling hook. We’ll soon get a chance to enjoy this game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms on March 20, 2020, with the Nintendo Switch receiving a copy later on. In other news, Doom Eternal has received a new trailer for the game, which you can view above.

Source: Twitter