Call of Duty Ghosts Experiencing Massive Hacking

Fans have taken to Reddit to complain that Call of Duty Ghosts is being hacked into to a broad and unregulated extent, with modded lobbies now entering the game and affecting top scores in the leaderboard.

Players recognized the hacks immediately, and are questioning why Infinity Ward is taking no action. Looking at the cases below, it appears like they are not even monitoring online multiplayer activity, given how blatant it is.

The first incident involves one player who found two players working together. In one round, they were on the same side, and he noticed them doing well. In another game, he found them in the opposing side, and this time, they had all the perks enabled. The person who discovered these two reported them immediately.

The second incident involves a player looking at Xbox 360 leaderboards. This player noticed that the top 5,000 players keep getting scores past 20,000. As this player points out, this is blatantly suspicious activity Infinity Ward should recognize and already be acting on.

A commenter on this incident pointed out that they got a score of 3,310,300 without doing anything. He points out this happened because he managed to get into a modded lobby, where everyone is getting excessively high scores.

The worst case scenario, unfortunately, has also come to pass. There is a guy, with his own site, selling a modded lobby he made. The people who found him and tried to talk to him got DDOS’d by him in response.

It’s very strange why there is no response or acknowledgement from Activision that this is going on. Are they acting on it discreetly, or are they really not keeping check? We hope they are taking action on it, if not now, soon, as it is clearly ruining the game for people who want to play legitimately.