Latest Rainbow Six Siege Event Crosses Over With Netflix Series Money Heist

Ubisoft has announced a new limited-time event for Rainbow Six Seige, one in which crosses over with Netflix series, Money Heist. Watch the short reveal trailer down below.

The limited timed event will begin on November 20 and will run through November 25, offering players exclusive skins that take after the show’s iconic masks. The event will be set on the map Bank, which also sees the return of the fan-favorite mode Hostage. As mentioned above, it is a limited-time event so if you want to receive these masks, it is important to remember to play during November 20-25.

Rainbow Six Seige is a long-running tactical multiplayer title that pits teams of 4’s against each other in a tense, strategic environment. Players can choose from a slew of operators all carrying their very own equipment which can be used as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the player’s strategy.

This timed-event comes to no surprise, as Ubisoft revealed in the summer that they will be focusing more on supporting a single multiplayer community instead of developing sequels. This is acts as a way to keep and maintain a single unified community, instead of dispersing players leading to a weak environment and lack of players online.

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Source: PlayStation Youtube