Gearbox Software Announces First DLC Campaign for Borderlands 3 to be Revealed on November 20th

Gearbox Software has taken to their blog today to announce that their first DLC campaign for their recently released looter shooter title, Borderlands 3, will be getting revealed on November 20th.

On Wednesday, November 20, the full reveal trailer for DLC 1 will be debuting at 8:00 AM PST and fans of the the critically acclaimed title will definitely want to tune in.

In addition to the reveal trailer which will showcase the upcoming campaign in action, The Borderland Show featuring Greg Miller and Fran Mirabello from Kinda Funny will join the CEO, and Co-founder of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford as they discuss in even more detail what’s coming in DLC 1.

Gearbox Software’s latest title is in the middle of being great and mediocre. A lot of critics love the gameplay loop, the gunplay, and its humorous jokes. While other critics find it repetitive, not funny, and by the books “corporate safe”. It’s a mix, and the community is left with no definitive answer. If you didn’t manage to jump into the game just yet but want to, make sure to check out our review roundup for the game, which might help you choose if the game is for you or not. Check out the review roundup for Borderlands 3 right here!

Borderlands 3 is now available for the SP4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you excited for the upcoming DLC campaign? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stay tuned to Gameranx as we will be bringing you the latest news coming out of the Borderlands Show.

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