Death Stranding Will Not Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Death Stranding has made its way to the PlayStation 4 platform and leading up to its release, the game was advertised as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. That is true to an extent as the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console but it will be coming to the PC platform as well. Now that the title is out, more of the mysteries behind the game is coming out to light which is one of the main selling points to Death Stranding. With the cryptic trailers and lack of information, players are quickly picking up copies of the game to see just what the storyline entails.

We might not get that same style and treatment for PC players as the title will have been out for quite some time before it finally makes its way out into the PC platform. The game was announced already for the PC and that it would be published by 505 Games. However, what some may have guessed is that the title would have been an Epic Games Store exclusive. With developers and publishers able to gain more of a profit from sales.

Likewise, 505 Games published the title Control and it was an Epic Games Store exclusive. Now a new press release was sent our way to confirm that Death Stranding is not a video game exclusive with Epic Games Store. Instead, the title will be available on both Epic Games Store and Steam which. In fact, players can pre-order the game right now on both marketplaces, but no details are available at the moment in terms of PC system requirements.

Source: Press Release