Nintendo Of America President Not Ready To Kill The 3DS Just Yet

The Nintendo company has been doing great these past few years. With the success of the retro mini console launches, the Nintendo Switch and most recently, the Nintendo Switch Lite, there doesn’t appear to be anything slowing the company down. While most of us may be focusing on the Nintendo Switch platform, there is a good few still enjoying the previous handheld Nintendo device, the 3DS. 

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser recently spoke with The Verge where the question came up on if the company is ready to call the Nintendo 3DS a dead platform. According to the president, it seems that there are still enough consumers actively enjoying the Nintendo 3DS and as a result, there will be support for it. So while it’s not dead just yet, we are going to see support run through 2020. 

Really, most would assume that the Nintendo Switch Lite to be the device that is taking over the role of a Nintendo 3DS. It provides a higher-powered gaming device that is already being picked up by plenty of consumers. Some are even picking the device up after already owning a Nintendo Switch. Likewise, it does look like the 3DS video game lineup has been greatly slowing down so we’re not seeing the big-name titles being released into the market. 

For now, we can at least know that the 3DS device will be available in 2020. With that said, due to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear Nintendo mark the date on when they will end support for the platform.

Source: The Verge